14th Jun 2019

I am Rodney Pennell, I have been coming to Bridging the Gap, Mens Resource Centre for 3-4 months. I am 65 years old, I wanted to mix with some people my age for friendship. I felt that I was spending too much time on my own, which was causing anxiety and stress.  I was told about Bridging the Gap Mens Resource Centre, so i came along. I have been helping to build a vegetable garden and some fencing which has made me feel so much happier within myself. I get along well with the staff and regular clients who make it more enjoyable. I would also like to thank the staff for the lovely meals.  I am happy to continue doing the garden, to grow our own vegetables to help the centre.

Rod. 12/06/2019

Testimonies – Mens Resource Centre

My name is Sarbjit Singh Sareya, i know the mens resource centre for a long time. I have completed the parenting course here. They help me always and helping to other people. I appreciate we have the mens resource centre.


Sarbjit Singh Saroya. 13.2.2018


To whom it may concern

I, Ashley Davey, have been coming to the mens resource centre for about 8 months, in that time i have completed the parenting program and done anger management and i wouldn’t of been able to do this without their help. They have helped me in so many ways by doing programs and just talking to me about my problems. Also going to court with me for support , i don’t know what i would of done, they have been so helpful for me. 

Thank you

Ashley Davey  7-2-18


To whom it may concern 

I recently lost a loved one to cancer.  I was overcome with grief and my life was spiralling out of control.  My doctor recommended I see grief counselling, she referred me to The mens resource centre at 86 Albany Street Coffs Harbour.

I go there twice a week.  What a wonderful place with an extraordinary group of people who i can speak to at anytime. They listen, they offer support and truly care.

A few weeks back i went to a BBQ that was put on for their clients and families they support. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

I have since found out that all those who work there do so as volunteers.  They receive no funding whatsoever. I was amazed.

The mens resource centre does a fantastic job helping the men and families of  the Coffs Harbour Community. There are many in our community who are struggling with all sorts of personal issues.  If the Mens Resource Centre ever had to close its doors it would heap more pressure on already struggling charity groups.

As times grow tougher, we need people like those who volunteer their services to the Mens Resource Centre. A wonderful group of people who need all the help they can get.

Mark Smelcher.


I do not think that i could have adequately survived my 1 month in the streets of Coffs Harbour (Homeless) without the attention, care, help of the Mens Resource Centre ie. Food, coffee, shower etc ect.

Thank you all from my heart

Andrew Craig  25.3.14

Helpful starting the day and getting lunch, little things make a big difference when times are tough.  Its difficult to help people in these troubling times... E. Boulton. 13/06/2019

I think the mens resource centre at Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour is one of the better things to happen to the down and unfortunate of Coffs.  The staff run a breakfast, lunch and social aspect and try to help the unfortunate of coffs and point people in the right direction to the services that can help.  

Mr Ian Trevor. 12/06/2019

My name is Denice Goodrum and i wish to provide a testimonial for Bridging the Gap Community Services.  I first came to this centre when my electricity was disconnected. Mary (God bless her) spent the day on the phone on my behalf. Thanks to Mary’s determination i had my electricity back on after 6 month without it.  I have been a client ever since. The respect and care i receive here encourages me to be more a part of society than trying to shun it. I am now currently helping with NAIDOC week celebrations and getting the word out about the centre.  The sense of community spirit this place engenders is wonderful and always makes me feel i am part of the family. Since coming here i have seen many inspirational stories of improving and changing ones life. From court cases, to a client getting their licence back.  There is always a minor miracle happening and it is fantastic to sit back and watch. 12/06/2019

My name is Kurt Warmleaten. Born the 16.08.1981 into the Rebels motor bike club, since of a young age i was a violent person, hurting people to get what i wanted.  I thought at the time this was the way of life, crime imprisonment, money, drugs, girls whatever i wanted i took. Now that I am re born again, i feel a stronger sense of purpose for life, as i am drug free, violence free and have God on my side i feel like as if i can now do anything i set my mind to, which i can since meeting Jean among a lot of other people my life is now refreshed. 

In my experience at the Mens Resource Centre, i have learned a number of things, like self teaching positive attitude, believe in yourself – anger management course was very good for me and learning how to control my emotions and feelings toward other people.  Also the staff was always positive and caring with guidance and teaching. Men need this organisation, it is a great source of men. I thank you Jean, Preben and Allan.

Shaun Collinson. 30/5/2012

Dear Jean, Allan and team at the Men’s Resource Centre, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work with our Candidate at Coffs Removals Storage and Packaging. The difference in this young man since your involvement has been unbelievable and without exaggeration, life changing for him.

Given the success we have had with the first candidate, I would like to assure you that we are looking to include the Men’s Resource Centre in our approach to future employee situations.  Currently we are in the process of reviewing clarity around this in 2012. The purpose of this email is really to ensure that MRC realises how much CHSESS ha appreciated your service this year.  We do intend to engage our clients with you on a more frequent basis in 2012 and look forward to working with you further.

Nathan Hardy Employment Consultant

My name is Susan Gannon, I came to the Men’s Resource Centre for help as i had to come from Sydney to care for my very ill father William John Nelson.  I had so many problems with Centrelink for the few months i was up here. Today i called in to see Allan again as i was still have problems with Centrelink and after his patient phone call we were informed I was granted as of today 2nd Dec 2011 the Carers Allowance and back pay.  Thank you all so much and I hope you will be awarded with funding

Yours faithfully Susan Gannon 2/12/2011

My name is John Edwards and I came to the Men’s Resource Centre back in August 2011.  I was going through a very rough patch in my life with anger and suicidal tendencies. I cannot praise the people here at the Men’s Resource Centre enough for what they have done for me, they have walked with me sometimes daily to help me get through my problems.  I have completed the NIPEA course and I feel a hundred percent better. I do hope that they can continue this service to be able to help others. I hope in the near future that they can get some funding to be able to continue the good work. John Edwards 25-11-2011  (Note: John has remained with Bridging the Gap Community Services and volunteers at the Mens Resource Centre to help others – he is now on the board of directors representing the most vulnerable in our community)

To Whom It May Concern, I wish to take this opportunity to share my deepest gratification to a wonderful lady, jean Clayton.  She helped me in a time that i can now only describe as my darkest hour. She did this by helping me see what wasn’t evident to me at the time and teaching me to walk a different path, a path with Jesus Christ.  A lot of what jean advised me to do to turn my life around she had already been through herself, which ii think is the key to jeans effectiveness as a counsellor. Now 4 years later the drugs are replaced with love and the impending divorce with a real family.  I owe a lot to people like Jean Clayton, it is an honour to have this opportunity to put it into writing. Thank you jean and all the very best to you and your dream... Ian Tomkins.

I am writing this letter to tell, to say, the help i received from the Men’s Resource Centre was invaluable and have to say the people that work there are very helpful.  Men in my position need these resources very badly as there is nothing for Men/Fathers in this country. Men need equality just as much as the women in this country. Three years later I am even further from my children and the only hope or help has been not through any organisation other than the Men’s Recourse Centre. Much praise for this organisation and hope to see it grow and get help from both state and federal government funding would start to help men across the country. – Bradley McKell 7/09/2011

I first came to this centre because I (Malcolm Buchanan aged 47) had a problem with my 16yr old step daughter, she was very hard to control – had language to her mother and me, she would do her own thing regardless, running down her younger sister, just basically causing trouble.  This led me after 4 or 4 years of then calling her names when she done these things. I knew it was wrong but i used to convince myself it was a way of to stop her. I thought to myself how do you like it. This problem we both had was starting to get bad, we needed help as soon as possible.  We contacted the Men’s Resource Centre. Jean and her staff are the best people I have ever come across. For a start i never thought counselling could do me any good, I never believed in such a thing. Jean and her staff saved my daughter, Kayla and myself from probably me leaving the family household and my wife.  I now get on so well with Kayla we have a great relationship and I think she is the most beautiful daughter a father could have. Thank you Jean so much, i really love your work, my family thanks you too. 7/09/11