Healthy Mind

Our clients receive individualised supports - that means the services that most help them. No two programs are alike, just as no two people are alike. 

Regardless of your background or beliefs you'll always have someone on your side. A team of psychologists, counsellors, community service workers and educators will work together to make sure you get the ongoing services you need. 

This is the ultimate goal, to achieve real healing on a holistic level and to save lives.

What mental health services do you offer?

Psychologist appointments

We can help with:

  • Assessing and treating people struggling with the effects of brain injuries
  • Trauma
  • Family stress
  • Work stress
  • Life transitions
  • Age-related changes
  • Relationships or parenting
  • Stress as a result of military service


Clients can access a range of counselling support for free including:

  • General counselling services
  • Drug and Alcohol counselling
  • Family Support & Counselling
  • Grief, Trauma and Crisis Counselling
  • Gambling Counselling
  • Financial Counselling
  • Veterans Support

Our professional counsellors have been working in the field for decades and have worked with an extremely broad demographic of people across all ages. No matter what your issue is, they are hear to lend an ear and help in any way they can, supported by all the resources available through the Men's Resource Centre and our affiliates.

Mental Health in Australia

Mental health is one of the most prevalent issues affecting men’s wellbeing in Australia, with suicide taking the lives of 2348 men in 2017, a 10% rise on the previous year. It is expected this figure will continue to rise as existing services are unable to cope with this demand.

As well as offering free counselling, psychologist appointments and connections with other medical specialists, BTG is working hard to raise awareness and break down the stigma around mental health.

The more people hear about mental health, the more people will access the services they need.

We aim to bring people of all ages into programs that will support them, give them skills and help them express themselves creatively.

How do I make an appointment?

You can:

  • Call 02 5606 2167
  • Email
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Visit us at 183 Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour between 9am and 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday