Advocacy and Support

We know that even simple day to day tasks can be difficult if you're going through a rough patch, so our dedicated staff will work tirelessly to provide whatever basic comforts and supports we can.

Tuesday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm, the Men's Resource Centre offers:

  • Free counselling (including specialised trauma counselling)
  • Free psychologist appointments with our qualified psychologist
  • Self help programs such as drugs and alcohol, parenting, cooking on a budget and anger management
  • Court support and access to solicitors/legal representation
  • Financial guidance
  • Free breakfast and lunch three days a week
  • Access to our lounge, garden, laundry and bathroom
  • Emergency accommodation, swags and supplies for the homeless
  • Help with electricity bills - EAPA
  • Fine support - WDO
  • Advocacy when it comes to communications with Centrelink, employment agencies, parole services, housing.

To become one of our clients, you'll need to stop in to 183 Rose Avenue and complete a questionnaire (we can help with this). This will help us identify and prioritise the best supports for you.