Community Justice

Recidivism (that means the tendency for criminals to re-offend) is the greatest hurdle for those working in criminal justice and parole programs, particularly when trying to reintegrate violent criminals.

Without counselling, psychiatric and lifestyle resources available, the likelihood of success is incredibly low. 

BTGCS has been providing a safe space and education programs for many men on parole since 2005.

We work with Probation and Parole and the State Government to provide work development orders,  housing, programs and general assistance for clients.

By offering free meals and counselling, the Men’s Resource Centre has been able to reduce instances of criminality in the local population by giving men a place to speak openly about their feelings, their past experiences, traumas, and decisions which led them to be imprisoned.

In this way, we've had huge breakthroughs with clients which have seen them turn their lives around entirely.